Gettliffe Architecture Consultants

Gettliffe Architecture has an extensive network of relationships with skilled professionals in a variety of fields. Our team is pleased to introduce you to the consultants we work with – including engineers, lighting and interior designers, landscape architects, general contractors, and ecotourism professionals. We also look forward to expanding our network of professional relationships through new collaborative opportunities. With specialized support from our consultants, our firm is committed to technical, ecological and social integrity.


Neujahr and Gorman, Inc. | Structural Engineering |

The Ascent Group | Structural Engineering |

TEEG, Inc. | Mechanical Engineering |

Scott, Cox & Associates, Inc. | Civil Engineering |

Drexel, Barrell & Co. | Civil Engineering |

Flatirons, Inc. | Surveying, Engineering and Geomatics |


Virvatuli Lighting Design | Lighting Design |

Pocci Design Group | Interior Design |

Marpa Landscape Design Studio | Landscape Design |

R Design Land Architects | Landscape Design |

Outside LA, LLC | Landscape Design

Eco Systems Design, Inc. | Greenhouse Design |

Light Foundry, LLC | Natural Lighting Design |

Splashlight Studio | Lighting Design |


David Lauer Photography |

Will Clift Sculpture |


BW Construction of Boulder |

Harrington Stanko Construction |

Cut No Slak Construction, Inc. |

Topnotch Construction Inc. |

Custom Quality Construction |


Boulder Roofing, Inc. |

RL Woodworks and Design |

SolarGlass Window & Door |

Timmerhus Design, Craft & Construction |

Splashlight Studio |

Custom Door Maven |

AVCrafters |

Custom Quality Theaters |


Ed Sanders | Eco Tourism International | | Business planning and consulting

Cliff Lind | C2 Sustainability, Denver, Colorado | Landscape design |

Kelly Bricker | The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) | Ecotourism Consultant |

Scott Sargert | Sargert Environmental Consultants, Taos, New Mexico | Alternative Water Management

Daniel Koupermann | Andean Paths, Ecuador | Conservation and Resource Assessment |


UMCOR | Covered Food Market, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

Trees, Water, People | Center for Climate Change, Nicaragua |

Proleña | Center for Climate Change, Nicaragua

Tibetan Village Project | Ecotourism Basecamp, Tibetan Region |

Genesis | Romania Project