Natalie Jorge

As an Architectural Intern, Natalie works collaboratively with architects in the design process, incorporating principles of sustainability and well-being to the project. Passionate about architecture and nature, Natalie strives to improve people’s lives through design.

She started studying architecture and urban planning in Brazil’s biggest metropolis, São Paulo, when in 2015 she transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder, where she has been residing ever since. She values functional and elegant designs, and thinks about architecture in a wholistic way: considering site suitability, environmental impact, local culture, and user needs. She believes that environmental design is a powerful tool that allows us to create spaces that entice connection, always working with nature and improving quality of life. Natalie chose architecture, so she can, through design, create meaningful places for the user and the community, enhancing livability and integrating the natural environment in a thoughtful manner.

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