Nathan Knecht

Principal and Architect Nathan Knecht steadily and gracefully designs and manages Gettliffe Architecture’s projects and team members at all stages of the architectural process.

Nathan was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. He completed his architectural degrees at the University of Colorado, and has since travelled many paths investigating the built environment as it relates to the natural world. ‘In my experience architecture is a journey into the mystery of our human spirit, that place where we are looking for the experience and feeling of being connected. Maintaining that mystery from beginning to end of a project is what can truly render a successful piece of architecture.’

This appreciation for the natural world has led to his interests in environmentally appropriate technologies and sustainable systems. He holds the belief that local economies and community development are at the heart of a ‘greener’ future. Nathan contributes his expertise to Gettliffe Architecture’s community projects and commitment to sustainable design.

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