Project – Studio

Gettliffe Architecture Studio | Boulder, Colorado

The Gettliffe Architecture Studio was designed to be an open, adaptable workspace with ease of flow between spaces and to receive an abundance of natural light. At street level, and with high ceilings, tall windows and entrances on both the north and south sides of our studio, we created an “atelier” or workshop atmosphere, permeable to the outside and multifunctional within:

  • A see through, rectilinear shelving system made of glass panels, steel posts and 25 foot long engineered wood beams as shelves, serves as a single partition to define various alcoves such as the meeting area, kitchenette, display corner and main work space
  • Five sliding pin-up panels conceal supplies, printers, and filing systems from the work area
  • Most of our construction materials, including hot rolled steel, concrete floors, wood I-joists, wide flange steel beams etc., are left raw and exposed to provide our clients with an illustrative palette when discussing their projects
  • With flexibility and adaptability as an important aspect of our work ethic, retractable power cord reels which hang from the ceiling, filing cabinets on wheels and moveable work tables allow us to modify or clear the space with ease
  • The location is well served by pedestrian and bike trails, a bus transit station, and future train station, which connects us to surrounding areas and gives us sustainable commute options

The open and non-hierarchical design of our studio facilitates collaboration and exchange within an adaptable work environment.

Consultants and Collaborators:

Gettliffe Construction (General Contractor)
Neujahr and Gorman, Inc. (Structural Engineering)
TEEG, Inc. (Mechanical Engineering)
Virvatuli Lighting Design (Lighting Design)
David Lauer Photography (Photographer)