Shanidiin Organic Farm | Boulder, Colorado

Shanidiin Farm – named by the owners after the Navajo word, which means “ray of sunshine” – is the basis of the project’s vision of “enlightened” rural development. Spurred by the growing movement and demand for high quality, unprocessed and local foods, Shanidiin Farm, located on 40 acres of land on the outskirts of Boulder, Colorado is designed as a center for organic food production. In line with the owners’ vision, this modern home and farm complex serves as a model for sustainable and community oriented architecture and development.

  • The master plan was designed around preexisting site qualities including views, solar orientation and topographical characteristics to best integrate with the geography and location.
  • Combining our values of functionality, inspiration and a connection to nature, the agricultural land was designed with productivity and artistic purpose. When planted, the contours of the lands will be accentuated, enhancing vantage points and site lines, all the while providing for optimal food production.
  • The site includes a net-zero, modern hacienda residence with agricultural outbuildings to support the 30 acres of productive farmland.
  • The residence and farm also implement sustainable practices using passive and active solar technologies.
  • The multidisciplinary team includes our architecture firm, agricultural consultants, environmental engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects, and contractors.

Shanidiin Farm will help raise awareness for Colorado communities about the value of sustainable farming practices and local produce, while contributing to the local food and green movement.

Consultants and Collaborators:

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Harrington Stanko Construction

INTERIOR DESIGN: Pocci Design Group

LIGHTING DESIGN: Virvatuli Lighting Design

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING: Neujahr and Gorman, Inc.


CIVIL ENGINEERING: Scott, Cox & Associates, Inc.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN: R Design Land Architects


PHOTOGRAPHY: Emily Minton Redfield Photography

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