East Side Art Institute

The East Side Art Institute, located on the eastern side of Boulder, will support a vibrant community of artists (both emerging and established), students, and patrons. Located within easy access from the cities of Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, and Boulder, the East Side Art Institute will represent a significant expansion of art education options in the region for adults, university students, teenagers, and children, including accommodations and classes for those with special needs. By creating a centralized hub and a place for one to exercise their artistic skills, the institute will also serve as a platform for increased national and international exposure and networking for its artists.


  • The facilities will house classrooms and workshops supporting multiple disciplines including: ceramics, woodworking, jewelry making, sculpture, painting, drawing, metalworking and printmaking.


  • The design of the East Side Art Institute will emphasize a sense of flow and interplay between its various functions and spaces, and connecting the built environment to the natural. From indoor to outdoor, from more public and communal to more private and meditative areas, from gallery to workshop — the transitions between spaces will encourage unexpected interactions, stimulate artistic inspiration and synergy, and affirm a strong connection to the natural environment.


  • There will be multi-use indoor and outdoor common areas set against an agricultural backdrop, including areas to hold indoor and outdoor artistic events and lectures. There will also be supportive spaces and structures such as supply storage, an art supply store, and a permanent collection.


In expanding the vision of the East Side Art Institute a priority will be placed on the structures’ energy efficiency and long-term sustainability, utilizing green technologies and passive solar design in an approach that is in harmony with the pastoral environment.

Consultants and Collaborators:



CIVIL ENGINEERING: Scott, Cox & Associates



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