Desert Home | Las Cruces, New Mexico

Located at the edge of the desert on a hill at the eastern fringe of the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Desert Home capitalizes on expansive views of the mountains and city. While protected from the dynamic desert climate, the home was designed to allow natural elements to filter through. The sun is used for lighting, while rainwater collected from the roof, is directed towards landscape features.

  • The circular structure with a living area at its center radiates outward towards more private spaces.
  • Roof bearing columns serve to divert rain water directly to cypresses planted around the house.
  • Tucked into the hill, the east side has a comfortable human scale that opens toward the pool and a view of the Organ mountains.
  • The central courtyard allows expansive views while maintaining protection from the climate and elements with outdoor roofing for shade.
  • A redwood lattice system covering 180 degrees, limits direct sunlight during the hot summer months, allows indirect light to filter through and softens the light with an orange tinted reflection from the color of the redwood.

The structure and its distinct features protects its residents from the harsh desert climate by acting as a lens to filter, focus and diffuse the sunlight all the while embracing the presence of the elements and surrounding environment.

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