Think Tank

The “Think Tank” is an accessory structure designed to host group workshops that inspire creativity, collaboration, and business development. As a setting where ideas can “set sail,” the space contains visual references to ship construction: on the interior exposed beams, purlins, and ribbing are reminiscent of a ship’s hull, while the roof, shaped into a gentle curve by steel and punctuated with exposed beams, ends in a point and resembles a ship’s prow.

  • The central space opens up to dynamic high altitude views.
  • A round-table outdoor sitting area brings the conversation into nature, under a protective overhang, with views of the Continental Divide.
  • The space will feature dual screen walls: a smart board on one, with a projection screen & large-format TV opposite.
  • A kitchenette and bathroom also allow the space to comfortably host 8-10 people for daylong workshops.

Consultants and Collaborators:

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Perry Construction
ENERGY CONSULTANT: Sustainably Built

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