Project – Scotch Pine

Scotch Pine Residence | Boulder, Colorado

Located on a west-facing slope outside of Boulder, Colorado, the Scotch Pine residence was designed around the expansive views of the Front Range. With snow-capped peaks as far as the eye can see and the city of Boulder in the foreground, the owners’ desire to enjoy views of the natural environment from every part of the house was a central design focus of this project.

  • The western orientation of the home and the emphasis on using floor to ceiling windows to open the house to panoramic views gave us the challenge of protecting the interior from the intense afternoon sun. To avoid overheating in the early autumn months, an undulating eight to ten foot deep roof overhang was designed to provide protection from the heat of the midday sun, while only allowing late afternoon sunlight to reach the interior.
  • The open flow of the master plan continues onto the site and connects with the outdoors. The design defines some well-protected outdoor “rooms,” while other areas reach out to the surrounding nature, less protected from the elements.
  • The residence includes a number of features designed to bring it close to net zero status. Natural ventilation, air tightness of the building envelope, 2 x 8 construction with hybrid insulation, super-insulated panels for the roof, and a heat recovery ventilation system conserve energy. Geothermal heating and cooling, and photovoltaic panels provide the energy for the residence.
  • A high level of craftsmanship and collaboration allowed the implementation of elaborate curvilinear wood and steel finishes.

Through a collaborative process, detailed exploration and extensive involvement, the clients were able to define their new lifestyle and have it come through in the design and construction of their home.  With a flow and balance between the indoors and out, this home engages its surroundings in the day to day lives of its inhabitants’ while providing comfort and privacy.

Consultants and Collaborators:

Harrington Stanko Construction (General Contractor)
Neujahr and Gorman, Inc. (Structural Engineering)
TEEG, Inc. (Mechanical Engineering)
Scott, Cox & Associates, Inc. (Civil Engineering)
Pocci Design Group (Interior Design)
Virvatuli Lighting Design (Lighting Design)
Marpa Landscape Design Studio (Landscape Architect)
RL Woodworks and Design (Custom Woodwork and Design)
Eco Systems Design, Inc. (Greenhouse Consultant)
David Lauer Photography (Photographer)