About Gettliffe Architecture

“We have done two projects with Gettliffe Architecture and have found the experience thrilling. The end result was extremely pleasing in terms of esthetics and living comfort.” – Jean Marie and Carol (Belgium)

Based in Boulder, Colorado with a partner studio in Nicaragua, Gettliffe Architecture offers a range of green architectural design services to both local and international clients, from private residences to eco lodges and community architecture. Our award-winning and earth-friendly designs are characterized by a sense of fluidity between the built and natural environment, and all our work begins with a passion for collaboration that fosters long-lasting relationships.

Our Services

Gettliffe Architecture offers a range of architectural services both locally and internationally, from consultations to full architectural design. Our services include:

Feasibility Study, Resource Inventory and Programming — During this phase we identify the client’s desires as well as the geography, regulations, budget and requirements that will inform the design. Based on the information we gather, we create a set of guidelines and considerations to address during the design process.

Onsite Workshop with Community Process — For group or community projects, our on-site workshops are particularly helpful for generating a focused and inspiring vision of the project for all those involved. Our participatory process enables all stakeholders – from owners and primary members to the larger community of participants – to have a voice. For international projects in particular, this step helps bring people from various backgrounds together to create a shared vision.

Conceptual/Schematic Design — Based on our clients’ and our architecture team’s shared vision, we propose a conceptual design in the form of graphics and illustrations. The scope of our schematic design services extends from large-scale master planning to detailed design work, such as furniture and finishes.

Design Development and Construction Documents — With a clear conceptual design in place, we develop construction documents that serve to communicate the specifics of the design to the general contractor and regulatory authorities. We often assist our clients in the selection of a general contractor, and then collaborate with the contractor to prepare bids.

Contract Administration — We collaborate with contractors and consultants throughout the construction process and during physical assembly to fully develop and optimize the design through to the final the realization of the project.

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