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Emerging from our international roots, planning and design for ecotourism projects is an area that unites Gettliffe Architecture’s expertise in sustainable design and construction with a passion for locally inspired and community oriented architecture. We collaborate with our clients to create innovative structures within a context of social and ecological responsibility that celebrate local knowledge and objectives.

We believe that ecotourism is a lifestyle that is integrated with the environment and climate, as well as local economies, cultures and knowledge. Our focus on sustainable design incorporates local building techniques, materials, and design principles that make the most of what is at hand while minimizing short and long-term impact on the environment. Water conservation, indoor air quality, material resources, renewable energy and site impact are key considerations. Whether a personal or family retreat, an eco lodge or an eco-resort, ecotourism creates opportunities for interchange between cultures, while promoting an appreciation of the environment.

In association with consultants from a variety of fields, we offer a full range of architectural services for ecotourism projects locally and abroad. Our multicultural team is driven to extend our international reach through responsible architecture and is in the process of opening a partner studio in Nicaragua.

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