Boulder, Colorado – (October 24, 2006) – Mountain Living Magazine has named Gettliffe Architecture, based in Boulder, Colorado, to its first-ever list of the 100 Top Mountain Architects. Irene Rawlings, Mountain Living Magazine editor in chief, says she and her staff compiled the list in response to readers’ requests for recommendations on architects. The magazine qualified the list as comprised of residential architectural design firms in the West that “continually redefine our concept of mountain design.”

“Several members of our editorial staff and the editorial staff of our sister publication, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, were quite familiar with the work of Gettliffe Architectureムparticularly Dominique’s work in green design,” says Rawlings. Dominique Gettliffe, the firm’s principal, has been designing sustainable commercial, residential and community projects for nearly 25 years. In 1982 he came to Colorado from Paris with the express mission of designing passive solar structures. In 1984 he started his own architecture firm in order to prioritize designs that conserve energy and limit environmental impact. A portfolio of this work can be found at

The process for selecting honorees, says Rawlings, relied heavily on visual aspects of an architect’s work and on the architect’s reputation with clients and in the design community. A committee made up of designers, builders, architectural photographers, and editors of shelter publications reviewed the list.

Mountain Living Magazine, based in Denver, Colorado, and published by Network Communications, Inc., has been in print since 1995. Network Communications publishes magazines and guides that cater to the real estate and home design markets.

In addition to Gettliffe Architecture, other Colorado architects named to the list include Anderson Mountain Homes, Inc., Telluride, and Barrett Studio Architects, Boulder. “We have had such a terrific response that we will certainly be publishing a list of 100 Top Mountain Architects again in the future,” says Rawlings. For more information on the list of 100 Top Mountain Architects, see or phone 303-248-2062.

Gettliffe Architecture is located at 3014 Bluff St., Unit 101, Boulder, Colorado. The phone number is (303) 449-9155.

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