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Kathy and Mike | Boulder, Colorado

I could write positive things all day about the Gettliffe team. Working with Dominique, Alejandra, and the entire crew was a pleasure. They patiently walked us through the trade offs between project features and our limited budget, helping us understand the implications of options we considered. After understanding our priorities they added their design artistry to transform our home into a place we appreciate every day.

Their emphasis on a sound structure and unseen design was evident throughout as well, identifying framing issues with the original structure and working in remediation with minimal incremental cost. The care around the foundation and drainage is especially appreciated since the recent flooding in Boulder as we had no basement flooding, unlike nearly all of our neighbors in similar terrain.

Their services during construction were excellent, helping us deal with unexpected issues — we always felt supported by their care and expertise.

Carol and Jean-Marie | Belgium

We have done two projects with GA and have found the experience thrilling. The end result was extremely pleasing in terms of esthetics and living comfort. GA is focused on working with the customer to achieve the best possible product.

Jim | Boulder, Colorado

Dominique and the studio staff both designed and was the general contractor for our Boulder remodel. One simple way to describe how well it worked out is to say that Dom is one of my closest friends 10 years later. How many general contractors do you hear that about?

I love their design style, both the process and the outcome. We took a year to design our new house, inspired by Sarah Susanka’s book “Not So Big House”, and it could *not* have turned out better. The melding of our vision and Gettliffe Architecture’s was a truly pleasurable back and forth partnership. Even 10 years later, I sometimes find myself standing and looking at part of the design and marveling that we created something so wonderful – livable, creative, beautiful, using simple (and not so expensive) materials. We feel it very representative of who we are.

Mike | Neujahr and Gorman, Inc. | Denver, Colorado

I have worked with Gettliffe Architecture for many years as a Structural Engineering Consultant and can say that every project has been a rewarding experience. They accomplish their amazing designs with attention to detail and actually listening to and implementing input from their consultants. After 33 years of consulting to hundreds of Architects, I still put Gettliffe up there with the Best of the Best!

I would not hesitate to recommend Gettliffe Architecture!

Donna | Pocci Design Group | Boulder, Colorado

Our interior design firm has worked with Gettliffe Architecture for a number of years and it has truly been a pleasure. The principals foster a collaborative environment within their team so that every project’s core elements are given a variety of ideas and perspectives from all involved. The result is beautiful architectural design that sustains the vision of their clients. And with Gettliffe’s design-build background, pleasing aesthetics never compromise the budget. I would gladly recommend their services to all our clients.

Nan and Gerry | Boulder, Colorado

The Gettliffe Architecture team remodeled our house in Boulder. We had a non-descript ranch house with a steep access to basement and garage, and 3 small bedrooms on the main floor. Ceiling height was 8 ft. No west views to flatirons. House in a great neighborhood, south facing, large garden area, but cramped. We wanted to take better advantage of the light, open up the rooms, easy access to basement, views. We had in mind a cathedral ceiling, like we had in our old house.

Their solution was to create 3 connected dormers in the roof line, facing south, with clerestory windows along the new roof line. The south rooms (living, dining, kitchen) then had 12′ and 10′ ceilings and were open with great views to the south and through the house. The west bedroom was opened with French doors to the west, and a master bedroom and bath was created on the east, with a nice “breakfast” balcony accessed by French doors. The stairs to the basement were widened and the pitch was reduced, to make the basement (with a rec-room, bedroom, bath, laundry, garage) feel a part of the house.

We have been very happy with the feel and the utility of the design. As I write this, a Colorado spruce just outside the living room windows creates a feeling of being outdoors, I see many interior angles where the inside ceiling lines of the dormers join, and I see through to the west garden area. It was quite an elegant solution!

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