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ArtNook: Julia Lunk’s paintings

by | Sep 19, 2016 | ArtNook, Culture, Design, Lifestyle / Light | 1 comment

This season we’re delighted to host artwork by local painter Julia Lunk. Julia creates alluring, otherworldly scenes in her private studio and in public as “live paintings.”

“Planet Playground #4” (Acrylic on canvas, 2014) is the largest of the three featured pieces, and the product of one of Julia’s live painting experiments. Julia explains, “This piece is based on the idea of a planet created for playing as an activity for humans, animals, plants and minerals existing on it. Originally the painting was created in public, while listening to live music and absorbing the waves of energy from the audience, then later I worked on some of the details at my studio in natural light.”

On the joining wall, “Today” (Acrylic on paper, 2014) and “Moist Clouds” (Acrylic on paper, 2014) offer more of Julia’s intriguing imagery.

I was happy to accept Julia’s invitation to visit her home studio here in Boulder. She greeted me at the door with her young son and two cats in tow. The space was a charming reflection of Julia’s aesthetic, and stepping into the studio felt a little like stepping right into one of Julia’s paintings.

For futher information about Julia Lunk’s work, email Gettliffe Architecture at, and visit Julia’s website.

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