ArtNook: “Distracted” by Michael Beitz

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This season we are pleased to feature the work of Michael Beitz, an artist who combines furniture design and sculpture to produce works that are at once familiar and unexpected.

Michael creates functional sculptures in which he transforms familiar household items into explorations of intimacy and alienation. His work often features domestic furniture such as dining tables and living room couches, which are warped and elongated to subvert their original function. “Distracted” appears initially to be two ordinary school chairs arranged side by side. Looking closely, however, the viewer notes the subtle curve of the front chair legs as they nestle against one another, participating in a sort of shy game of ‘Footsie.’

Please visit the Art Nook to experience Michael’s work in person. For further information about his work, please visit his website or email Gettliffe Architecture at [email protected].


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