2017 Design in Bloom

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In what has now become an annual tradition, our Gettliffe Architecture team was excited to participate in Modern in Denver’s 2017 Design in Bloom event.

In discussing our team’s approach to the piece, we returned again and again to the inspiration sparked by discovering new practices that complicate or defy an established path. This drive to listen, discover, and learn, is critical to our work. Through design charrettes and discussions about our multi-cultural experiences, we were led to the Japanese tradition of Ikebana.

In keeping with our architectural ethos, the Ikebana tradition is a focused cultivation of a connection between humanity and nature. Those who practice Ikebana engage in a meditative process of balance and spatial awareness through the arrangement of flowers; reflective of how we as architects go about our process of arranging space and experiences.

Our reinterpretation of a classically minimal suiban vessel took the form of welded steel plates, generously fabricated by our friends at Quality Metals. The weaving of steel plate sets the stage for the blossoming floral arrangement, and alludes to the interweaving of cultures. The three types of flowers at varying heights relate to the Ikebana principals of Shin(Heaven), Soe(Humankind), and Tai(Earth). We also introduced the Water element as the reflective pool of the vessel. Each component of the arrangement is unique in its own right, but serves as an integral piece to the whole. We titled our arrangement Tejiendo, which means “weaving” in Spanish.

As always, the Design in Bloom event was a blast to attend. It was so much fun to see the incredible variety in the arrangements from our peers in the architectural community. Thank you to Modern in Denver and Space Gallery for hosting this inspiring event – we look forward to next year!

Gettliffe Architecture is a Boulder, Colorado architecture firm offering green design services from straw-bale homes to eco lodges around the globe. We believe that beautiful modern architectural design begins with careful consideration of earth, culture and community. Working with your ideas and vision, our team of green architects brings inspiring spaces to life that are kind to the planet and a pleasure to be in.

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