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Every day Commute:

When I started working in the 80’s I made a promise to myself that I would never car commute. No matter what.  In order to help keep this promise we chose a studio location that allows several of us to ride our bikes to the office along Goose Creek Trail in Boulder, CO.

It is such a delight to start each day by gliding eastward down the green wetlands with the morning fresh air on my ears. Now that spring is upon us the trees are budding and the flowers are blooming. I see the consistent flow of bike commuters along the way each morning, but so far have seen nothing closer to a traffic jam than the ducks, fish and water snakes enjoying their own morning commutes down the creek.

The corridor runs below Boulder’s commercial district, but you would never know it from the peaceful, natural setting of the creek trail.  I am thankful to this community for carving out such an inspiring and continuous stream of wetland in a highly developed commercial district.

It reminds me of another community that has done something similar (although of quite a different scale), the High Line Park in New York City a public park and walkway on an historic railroad elevated above Manhattan’s West Side.  It might be worth the effort to get out of our cars to check around for any hidden paradise underneath, adjacent or above.  I guess that’s the idea behind the annual “bike to work” day.  In 2012 on Wednesday June 22nd; the website is:




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