GA Spring Retreat 2016

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This year’s studio retreat was back down in Southern Colorado’s San Luis Valley for a long weekend at the Strawbale Getaway.  After the swirl and bustle of an exciting start to the new year, it felt important to the team to take some time away from the studio together.

On the way, we made a stop at a completed Gettliffe Architecture project in Salida, taking the opportunity to speak to the homeowner, pet the dog, and take in the gorgeous views.  We can’t wait to share more photos of the home in future posts and on our website.

Over the course of the weekend we shared stories both personal and professional.  Brushed up on our DISC profiles to shine a little light on the strengths and weaknesses of our team.  Made some amazing meals!  And, ventured out into the high desert environment on an informal “walkabout.”

Our agenda was a little more laid back than in years past.  We were looking for the space to connect, socialize, and dream.  Sitting in front of the fire, enjoying visits from deer outside the windows, or stretching out on the deck to watch a thunderstorm roll in, we couldn’t have asked for a better home-away-from-home than the Strawbale Getaway, or a more beautiful location and environment than the San Luis Valley to spark our imaginations.  And to round it all out, we laid the groundwork for our piece at Modern in Denver’s Design in Bloom event that was on April 28th.

As always, I am grateful for this opportunity to shed some layers, speak freely, laugh out loud, talk late into the night, sweat, sleep, heal … grow.

by Nathan

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