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We are excited to formally unveil the new www.Gettliffe.com.

We were inspired to create a website that gives center stage to our projects, letting the images “speak for themselves,” while also emphasizing core values behind the designs: Inspire, Create Community, Simplify, and Connect to Nature. We hope that the new layout will spark engagement and curiosity for those visiting.

We’ve also added new projects and photos to the site, and created a new section, “About Our Design Process,” that offers a step-by-step guide to our architectural services. In the future, we hope to expand the site through video elements and downloadable resources.

The new website was designed in fruitful collaboration with Jonah Coyote Design.

We hope that you’ll take a moment to explore the new website. If you’d like to offer feedback, we would love to hear it: just email [email protected].

Gettliffe Architecture is a Boulder, Colorado architecture firm offering green design services from straw-bale homes to eco lodges around the globe. We believe that beautiful modern architectural design begins with careful consideration of earth, culture and community. Working with your ideas and vision, our team of green architects brings inspiring spaces to life that are kind to the planet and a pleasure to be in.

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