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Gettliffe Architecture is delighted to host artist Amanda Armstrong in our ArtNook this season.

Amanda is known for her combat sports photography, featured on HBO and Showtime – but she’s not interested in being defined as a “one-dimensional” combat sports photographer. She works in multiple photographic modes (including studio and portrait photography), as well as across mediums (including painting, mixed media, and sculptural assemblages). Amanda is also a homesteader, animal lover, former boxer, and Mom, originally from England.

I enjoyed the opportunity to visit Amanda in her studio at GRACe (Globeville Riverfront Arts Center). The eclectic space features Amanda’s explorations in various mediums. Having visited GRACe for our past few artists (Nicholas Emery, Susan Dillon, and now Amanda), I’ve developed a sense of the strength of the community. The artists support, challenge, and collaborate with each other. GRACe hosts open studios on First Fridays, giving the public a chance to explore all the community has on offer.

“Landscape Series I,” on display in the ArtNook, was created by Amanda as a kind of personal test. Driving back to Colorado from a boxing event in Las Vegas, Amanda challenged herself to pull over and experiment with a different photographic mode, one based in a meditative study and deliberation — stopping, looking, and listening. The resulting photographic triptych manifests time expansively, in tones and layers; in contrast to the high-contrast “freeze frame” images of fast-paced combat sports.

You can experience the photo series in person any weekday – just drop by the GA studio.

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