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The Gregory Creek Home is currently in its framing phase of construction, an exciting moment where the project begins to come to life through its emerging volumes and forms.  Our friends at Jeff Becker Construction, the general contractor for the project, are making great progress.

You can read about the conceptual design process behind the Gregory Creek Home in our blog post from last Spring, “Design, By Hand.”

The concept for the ~4,200 sq ft project was deeply site-driven. The home is tucked under the location’s many stately trees, and its design was guided by the homeowners’ desire for an urban refuge for themselves and for their many happy pets. The design emphasizes access to the outdoors and optimal views of the surrounding trees, creek, and visiting wildlife. The aim is for Gregory Creek Home to become a long-term sanctuary for the homeowners’ eventual retirement.

The exterior walls have been framed and sheathed, and the interior wall framing has been started. The steel frames within the walls have been set — these are acting as rigid frames (“moment frames”) because of the large window openings called for in the design. The curved deck steel has been welded, and set in place. The deck rests on four steel legs which radiate from a single central footing.

After the walls are in place, the roof is next, then the windows and doors. The interior will then be “dried in.” Once the structure is “dried in,” mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems will be roughed in. Highly efficient wall insulation will be added, followed by the interior finishes. For a sneak peek, you can see digital renderings of the finished product in the images below.  The renderings were created by our friends at Lightform.

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